At Hartmanns you can get temporary work in a wide range of fields and become the extended workforce the employment market is looking for.

About temping

You decide where, when and how much you want to work.

Hartmanns puts together temporary jobs which match your wishes, needs and skills. Hartmanns acts as your employer, paying your salary, your holiday pay etc.

Are you tempted?

As a temp you can get jobs in the private and the public sector. You can get long-term or short-term placements, with well-known or unknown companies.

A growing number of young students become temps in order to try out different sectors and various types of jobs to determine what they want to be and in which sector they want to work.

Most temps today are experienced employees, who enjoy flexible working hours and the opportunity to face a variety of challenges. Many have kissed goodbye to a full-time job in order to reduce their working hours, without necessarily reducing their salary.

Create a profile

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So what exactly does a temp do?

Every day you can meet our temps in receptions, behind counters and steering wheels, on the phone or the production line, and in a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Our temporary workers include social workers, welders, IT staff, warehouse employees, analytics staff, shop assistants, marketing assistants and much more.

Salary payment

The salary is determined in connection with each individual temp position. The salary is paid by Hartmanns every 14 days in arrears and will be at your disposal on Fridays in odds weeks. The salary is calculated on the basis of forwarded time sheets that have been approved and verified by the company where the work has been carried out.

The time sheets must be received by Hartmanns no later that every Monday at  08.00.

A timely delivery of time sheets is a prerequisite for Hartmanns being able to pay the salary in a timely manner.

As temp you can registrate your hours online HERE. Pay slips are placed in E-boks.

In the Temp manual you can read everything you need to know as a temporary worker.

Download the Temp manual here. Danish version and English version

You can create a profile in our talent-bank HERE.

Specialist temps - Interim

Do you have experience in the sectors below?

Hartmanns supplies specialist temps in the following sectors:

  • Technology & Pharmaceuticals
  • IT & Telecom
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Administration & Finance
  • Warehouse and Manufacturing
  • Social workers

As a potential specialist temp, a recruitment consultant with experience very similar to your own will handle your recruitment. That is how we guarantee the best understanding and dissemination of your skills.

In recent years temp-based employment has spread to many new fields of work. Ask us, if you are in doubt about whether you can deploy your skills as a specialist temp. As a specialist temp, you will work with what you do best.

Are you a student or young person and looking for a job?

Many young people are in doubt about what work they would like to do. Most would like to help out and make money by doing something, which makes sense. But where do you find such a job?

Get your foot inside the employment market in one of the country’s most attractive companies.

Hartmanns provide you with the opportunity to work for, and experience the culture of many exciting companies for various periods of time: e.g. in your summer break. This is an excellent way to challenge yourself, your ambitions and your future plans, at the same time building and developing your CV and your network.

Hartmanns are your employer

Although you will be sent out to work in various companies, Hartmanns will be your employer. We take care of your salary, your holiday pay etc. If you are interested, we would like to hear something about who you are and what you are capable of, so send us an application and CV.

Hartmanns is a diverse company

We evaluate candidates without regard to age, gender, religion, ethnic background, social status or political affiliation.


What candidates say

“Try-and-Hire Placement” led to permanent employment

In June 2012 I contacted Hartmanns, having seen that they were seeking candidates for their database. One week after my interview at Hartmanns, I received a phone call, informing me that Parker Hannifin in Ballerup were in need of a warehouse assistant.

After a couple of weeks I was invited to an interview at Parker Hannifin, who phone me the following day and offered me a 13-week “Try-and-Hire Placement.” This involved normal warehouse tasks, such as receipt of goods, unpacking of goods and recording them in the system. After the first two months I was offered full-time permanent employment.

Parker Hannifin is an excellent workplace with cheerful, positive colleagues.

Eva Kay. Warehouse employee at Parker Hannifin