Hartmanns provides a broad range of services for companies and organizations in the private and public sector.

At Hartmanns specialists recruit specialists

We recruit at all levels in the organization and for all kinds of jobs. We assist companies via complete or partial recruitment processes, including the preparation of job analysis, requirement profiles, job adverts, interviews and obtaining references etc.

We recruit people for all kinds of jobs, including permanent positions, project placements, "Try & Hire" and freelance positions.

Hartmanns has an extensive network of candidates. We have our own talent pool and, thanks to our thoroughly tried and tested multi-channel strategy, we attract the very best candidates.

Flexible manpower from day-to-day

Our 14 offices in Denmark can get a hold of temps for companies and organizations throughout the entire country. Temporary placements could be anything from day-to-day temp placements, long-term temp placements to cover sickness and parental leave etc., project appointments or "Try & Hire".

When you use temps from Hartmanns, it is us who employ the temp, thus taking responsibility for salary and all social obligations, including holiday pay, ATP (the Danish labour market supplementary pension), sick pay etc. You are only paying the actual working hours, while we deal with all the administration. You have the option of hiring the temporary employee totally free of charge, after three months of temporary employment.

We mainly help our customers find temps in the areas of:

  • Administration, customer service and call centres
  • Finance
  • Warehouse and manufacturing
  • Canteen and kitchen
  • IT and pharmaceutical

Consulting and Courses

Hartmanns’ Senior Business Consulting team provides HR services at the strategic and tactical level. All our consultants have many years of experience in consulting managing directors, leaders and HR managers in the area of organizational development.

The Business Consulting team offers the course "Recruiting process and interview technique" to improve your skills in handling your recruitment process on your own.

The recruitment process and interview technique

The course covers: job analysis, interview techniques, communication, different types of people, evaluation, feedback and dealing with rejection. It also covers current legislation, including generally applicable ethical rules.

Our highly experienced teachers have many years of theoretical and practical experience in the areas of HR and recruitment.

"The Recruitment process and interview technique" course is offered two times a year as open courses. We also organise courses, which are customised to suit the needs of your company or organisation. Just contact us and we will find the unique solution that fits your company.


Hartmanns offers the Modern HR education. The educations is based on Human Resource Management from the Acedemy Profession Programe in Leadership and comprises 10 ECTS credits.

You can read more about the educations and you opertunities to increase your skills level here





Organisational cutbacks, restructuring and adaptation often result in a large number of employees losing their jobs. At Hartmanns we work with what we call Newplacement (traditionally known as Outplacement), in which an employee must not only get “out”, but also develop and acclimatise to their new situation.

Our consultants have many years of experience with both Newplacement and recruitment. They have an extensive network and easy access to the job market. We work for companies throughout Denmark, Norway and Greenland and respond as soon as the need for assistance arises.

Positive impact

Studies show that when the dismissal process is handled correctly and professionally, it can have a positive impact on the organisation. Most people who have been dismissed from their jobs get a shock which must be processed before acknowledgement of their situation and reorientation can take place. Therefore, an analysis of how the dismissal has been received is a natural element in the philosophy at the heart of our Newplacement.

We customise our process individually to suit the wishes and needs of the employee, who has been fired, in attempt to find a solution which will pave their way towards a new job.