Hartmanns give financial support to a variety of philanthropic projects.


Hartmanns’ Corporate Social Responsibility comprises a number of policies on diversity and social responsibility, compliance with the principles of the United Nations’ Global Compact and specific environmental policies.

Diversity and Social Responsibility

Hartmanns currently employ 130 highly qualified staff, all of who pledged to comply with our internal policies, when they were appointed.

Our policies are also published in our internal staff handbook and on our intranet:

  • Hartmanns believe that as an intermediary, temp bureau and recruitment partner, we should reflect the job market, in which we work. Hartmanns’ staffing policy is to reflect diversity.
  • Hartmanns’ believe that as a recruitment company, intermediary and temp bureau, we have a major responsibility to build an inclusive and diverse labour market in Denmark.
  • It is therefore our duty to work with candidates, irrespective of ethnic background, social status, political affiliations, gender or age.
  • Hartmanns put these policies into practice, not only with regard to our clients, but also to our own employees, where we are focused on having a broad variety of skills.
  • Since 2002 Hartmanns have been a member of the voluntary organization, Network Copenhagen “Social Responsibility”. This is a network of private and public companies, all of who strive to promote social responsibility in the business community

Diversity in Hartmanns

  • Hartmanns’ employees range in age from 25 to 69
  • There is an equal distribution of men and women at all levels, incl. management level.
  • As a rule Hartmanns regularly employ and educate two trainees
  • Approx. 5% of our employees are of a different ethnic origin
  • The staff at Hartmanns always includes: candidates on work practice, employees with wage subsidy and/or flex jobs. 

Environmental Policy

Hartmanns works for a better environment and working environment, and we prioritise environmental, health and safety issues in our process of decision-making. We show consideration for the environment and the working environment for the benefit of employees, clients, candidates, business partners and the local community. We consider our employees as our most important asset.
This means that we:

  • Make sure that our leaders take responsibility for the environment and working environment and, in collaboration with the health and safety organization, guarantee that the working environment is an integral aspect of the working day.
  • Constantly work to make improvements to the environment and working environment.
  • Educate and motivate our employees to take responsibility for and play an active role in any issue, which relates to the safety of their colleagues and clients.
  • Comply with laws, permits and regulatory requirements.
  • Keep everyone informed about policies and initiatives relating to environment and working environment.

MOT - Means courage

Hartmanns have chosen to partner Norwegian NGO MOT because we want to support their efforts in:



  • Empowering the youth to make conscious choices that result in them better mastering life.
  • Strengthening the youth’s courage to take care of themselves and each other.
  • Working at altering the youth’s attitudes, focusing on establishing sound values, choices, and a belief in their own abilities.

The name “MOT” was chosen because of its simple strength, and its double meaning: the Norwegian "‘mot" denotes both the ability to show courage, and the ability to take a stand against something.

MOT's values are:

  • Courage to live
  • Courage to care
  • Courage to say no

MOT was started by two Norwegian speed skaters, Johann Olav Koss and Atle Vårvik, at the 1994 Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway. These two men are passionate about people, and sought, through the establishment of this programme, to strengthen the courage of the youth.

CEO Anne-Mette Ravn is on the board of MOT and Hartmanns have helped recruiting the two day-to-day leaders of MOT Denmark - free of charge.

Read more www.motglobal.com

Akademisk Boldklub

Since 2004 Hartmanns have sponsored the local professional football club, Akademisk Boldklub. We do this, because we believe that we get back what we put in. It gives us an opportunity for business and the exchange of ideas with the other business partners, who sponsor Akademisk Boldklub.


“Heart and Soul”

Akademisk Boldklub’s “Heart and Soul” is a vision, which highlights education, and a vision, which is in keeping with the club’s 122-year history. Hartmanns consider it impressive that the vision of the Akademisk Boldkub is focused on education as well as football.

The Best News in the World

We are a partner in the "Best News in the World" campaign, initiated by the United Nations, Danida and 90 different Danish development organizations. The campaign is about spreading important news throughout the world, news which the media seldom cover.

As a social responsible company, Hartmanns wishes to help spread important news about progress in developing countries.