Hartmanns are a modern consultancy company, who will help you with your future career, organisation and worklife.

The consultancy company, Hartmanns, is a catalyst in today’s job market. With our recruitment, consultancy, temp and Newplacement services, we work to make people’s working lives successful. We accommodate the needs of both the public and private sectors in terms of qualified manpower and problem solving.

A Professional Overview

Setting the best team is an art. When you cooperate with Hartmanns you obtain a professional view on your company's employement and team constellation. We challenge the habits and the dogmas. We always work analytical and well tested methods that ensure that we fulfil you goals and live up to your expectations..

All our consultants are highly qualified experts with a wide range of experience. This means we can match the education and professional competency of candidates. We believe that specialists should be guided by specialists, therefor our consultants are trained to assist candidates in all professions and at every level.

Diversity Pays Off

Hartmanns believe in people and in the benefits of diversity. We assess individual candidates, not only on the basis of their qualifications and experience, but also on their professional, social and skills.

We have a value-based approach to both business and people. It is vital for all candidates to be excellent ambassadors for themselves, for Hartmann’s and for any company they may end up working for.

Hartmanns is a company with strong opinions

It is Hartmanns’ responsibility to help create an inclusive and diverse labour market. We believe that there is room for everyone in the Danish labour market.

Hartmanns assess candidates irrespective of age, gender, religion, ethnical background, social status, marital status, or political affiliation.

This requirement does not only apply to us. We also expect our clients and business partners to comply with our ethical standards and values. Hartmanns core values are:

  • Mutual Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Creating Results
  • Innovation

Hartmanns adopted these values in 2001. These values lie at the very heart of our decision-making, recruitment processes, employee development interviews and management approach.


Mutual Respect

  • We place great emphasis on respect for the individual and treat all our candidates as equals.
  • We believe that everyone HAS something to contribute to the labour market we are part of, irrespective of background, ethnic background, age, culture, gender or social status.
  • We also believe that everyone SHOULD contribute to the labour market we are part of.
  • We expect our business partnerships to be founded on mutual respect. 


  • We wish to be a business partner for our clients and candidates, and we believe that partnerships, which are based on the mutual sharing of knowledge, achieve the best results.
  • We wish to be a loyal business partner in both good times and bad times.
  • Good internal cooperation creates results for our clients. 

Creating Results

  • In every relationship and task our objective is to create results for our clients and candidates.
  • So it is also our duty to say “no” to jobs, when we believe our clients can achieve better results by working with other business partners.
  • We wish to achieve the goals we set ourselves, while respecting the individual.
  • We believe that skilled and quality-conscious employees are a prerequisite for the creation of results. 


  • We expect our employees to think “out of the box” in order to achieve results for our clients.
  • We believe that personal freedom leads to commitment, optimism and innovation.
  • We work within a horizontal organisational structure, which supports flexibility and new initiatives.
  • Our goal is to lead the way in the area of tension, which exists between people and jobs. 

One of the Best Workplaces in Denmark

Since 2009 Hartmanns have aimed to be one of the best workplaces in Denmark. Job satisfaction is an established element in our organisational development. Job satisfaction has always been important to us, and a couple of years ago the management team decided to intensify efforts in that area. Our overall vision is about creating remarkable results, on the basis of two bottom lines: the human and the financial. The vision is based on value-based management and our four values.

In 2016 we were voted number 8.

In 2015 we were voted number 7.

In 2014 we were voted number 9.

In 2013 we were voted number 2 and won the Communication Award. On top of this we were the 15th best workplace in Europe.

In 2012 we were voted number 3 and won the special “Life Balance” Award.















The History of Hartmanns

A lot has happened since the establishment of Hartmanns in 1996. Today Hartmanns is a consultancy company with offices throughout Denmark. We are constantly launching new specialist skills and services to nourish a rapidly changing labour market.

Hartmanns' CV

  • 2017: New location in Næstved, Denmark 
  • 2017: Opened offices in Aabenraa, Auning and Grenå in Denmark
  • 2016: Opened new big headquarters in Ballerup (moved from Herlev)
  • 2016: Voted the 8th best workplace in Denmark in Great Place to Work
  • 2015: Opens the first office in Oslo in Norway
  • 2014: Voted the 5th best workplace in Denmark in Great Place to Work
  • 2014: Voted the 9th best workplace in Denmark in Great Place to Work
  • 2013: Won the 2013 Communication Award
  • 2013: Voted the 2nd best workplace in Denmark in Great Place to Work
  • 2013: Voted the 15th Best Workplace in Europe in Great Place to Work
  • 2012: Won the special 2012 “Life Balance” Award
  • 2012: Voted the 3rd best workplace in Denmark in Great Place to Work
  • 2012: Voted one of the best workplaces in Europe in Great Place to Work
  • 2011: Voted the 3rd best workplace in Denmark in Great Place to Work
  • 2010: Opens offices in Odense and Copenhagen
  • 2010: Ranked as number 23 in Great Place to Work
  • 2009: Outsourcing established
  • 2008: Opened new headquarters in Herlev
  • 2006: Named as a gazelle company (in the Danish national newspaper, Børsen)
  • 2006: Nominated Entrepreneur of the Year (Ernst & Young)
  • 2005: Achieves AAA credit rating (Dun & Bradstreet)
  • 2005: Nominated Entrepreneur of the Year (Ernst & Young)
  • 2004: Achieves AAA credit rating (Dun & Bradstreet)
  • 2004: Nominated Entrepreneur of the Year (Ernst & Young)
  • 2004: Gazelle candidate (Børsen)
  • 2003: Nominated for Denmark’s 2003 Network Award