Hartmanns provides complete customised consultancy support in the areas of HR and HR Hotline. HR consultancy support can include consultancy services for varying periods of time, including the option of solutions customised for specific HR projects.

HR Challenge

  • Do you have a number of staff-administration tasks or HR challenges, which are taking up your management time?
  • Would you like to get more out of HR in your company, but do not have sufficient tasks for a full-time member of staff?
  • Are you using a lot of money on outside lawyers and consultants to take care of HR and legal tasks?
  • Do you have many different types of HR tasks and cannot appoint a single HR person to cover the whole spectrum?

We have solutions customised to suit your requirements

Get unlimited access to telephone feedback and advice on HR and salary today for just DKK 500.

Get your own professional HR consultant, who is dedicated to your company, whether you need them for 1, 2, 3 or 10 days a month. Your HR consultant sits in-house, as if they were one of your own employees.


We regard ourselves as your HR department, and it very important for us to have trust and mutual respect. We define the task together and customise the solution time-wise to suit your requirements. We constantly keep an eye on your procedures and systems in order to support your strategy and culture.

HR Hotline

Get unlimited access to feedback and advice by phone

  • HR guidance
  • Recruitment
  • Dismissals
  • The difficult interview or dialogue
  • Salary levels/benefits
  • People & Performance
  • Staff policies etc.

Start using it today

Order your subscription immediately by phone +45 4444 7744 or by e-mail. On the same day you will receive your membership number and will have direct access to telephone advice.

  • What is my membership number?
    Your membership number is on your membership card.
  • Can my colleagues use my membership card?
    Your membership number is personal and may not be used by anybody but you. But you can purchase additional membership numbers for half price.
  • What does it cost?
    DKK 500 per month. The subscription is consecutive and you can unsubscribe with one month’s notice.
  • When can I call or send an email?
    You can phone every day from Monday to Friday between 9.00 am and 3.00 pm and get an answer immediately. If you send us an inquiry via email, we will phone you back within 24 hours.
  • Can I get advice about absolutely anything?
    Yes, in the area of HR, as long as answers can be provided immediately on the phone.

You get access to unlimited professional telephone advice on the subjects of HR and salary for just DKK 500 per month.

In the other end of the line there is professionally trained consultants with many years of practical experience in the areas of HR. Their services would normally cost you between DKK 1,000 and 2,500 per hour.

By making active use of your Hotline, you can avoid costly actions for damages, make correct reimbursements in cases of illness and get advice on how to improve satisfaction amongst your employees etc.

In-House HR Consultant

The Solution

You get your own professional in-house HR consultant from Hartmanns, dedicated to your company for precisely the number of days you require. Your HR consultant sits in-house at your location, as if they were one of your own employees.

HR from A-Z

Your HR consultant can accommodate and create whatever you need in terms of a professional HR department in your company. The HR consultant adds professionalism to your company in every aspect of Human Resource Management.

The HR consultant can, on behalf of your company, handle out-of-house contacts, such as lawyers, course providers, job applicants etc.

HR Systems

As part of the solution the HR consultant can provide an HR system, in which you will record and structure all the data, competencies and processes, which relate to your employees.

This gives you and the management team an efficient overview of the company’s skills, working schedules, terms of employment, staff development interviews, allocated equipment etc.


We regard ourselves as your HR department, and we attach great importance to trust. When you acquire a Hartmanns HR consultant, your consultant becomes your company’s HR consultant and will take care of your company, your tasks and your success. Your consultant will seem like one of your own employees on the agreed days.

We define the task together and customise the solution time-wise to suit your requirements. We then keep an eye on your procedures and systems, supporting your strategy and culture.

You only commit yourself for 3 months at a time.

What clients say

HR Hotline
“We were in a situation where we had two candidates up for the job, but only one vacancy. Each had his own particular set of skills for the position we wished to fill.

So I decided, as I had done so many times before, to take advantage of Hartmanns HR support to conduct a personality test.

A few days later we interviewed the candidates for a second time. We went through the test together and thus got to know our candidates even better.”

Jeanet R. Albrecht. HR Consultant. BOLIUS - Boligejernes Videncenter

In-house Consultant
“In September 2012 our permanent HR person wished to take six months’ leave of absence, so we were faced with a critical, temporary requirement. I Googled, and Hartmanns were the first to appear. So we initiated discussions with Hartmanns, who were positive from the outset.

We were quickly presented with a candidate, who in the eyes of the whole management team was absolutely the right person for us. Hartmanns promised us someone, who could develop the company and the management team in an HR strategic plan, and who could also handle the administrative part of the job. That is exactly what we got.

Hartmanns became a business partner with an understanding of our needs. They are also very easy to talk to. Hartmanns are flexible, reliable and easy to work with.”

Philippe Åkerman, Finance Manager Recall

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