At Hartmanns we work with what we call Newplacement.

What is Newplacement

Newplacement is traditionally known as outplacement. At Hartmanns we believe that an employee not only get “out”, but also develop and acclimatise to their new situation and possibilities. Our consultants have many years of experience with both Newplacement and recruitment. They have an extensive network and easy access to the job market. We work for companies throughout Denmark, Norway and Greenland and respond as soon as the need for assistance arises.

Our Newplacement programme includes:

  • Clarification
  • Crisis counselling
  • Career advice
  • CV writing
  • Help with job hunting
  • Coaching for job interviews
  • Use and development of a network
  • We keep an eye on the employee during their first 100 days in the new job

Outplacement or Newplacement

Organizational cutbacks, restructuring and adaptation often result in a large number of employees losing their jobs.

Today, employees who have been fired, are very frequently offered help to move on to a new job. This help is traditionally known as “Outplacement”.
At Hartmanns we have taken a step further. We work with what we call Newplacement in which an employee must not only get “out”, but also develop and acclimatise to their new situation.

Customised programme

Studies show that when the dismissal process is handled correctly and professionally, it can have a positive impact on the organization. Most people who have been fired from their jobs get a shock which must be processed before acknowledgement of their situation and reorientation can take place. Therefore, an analysis of how the dismissal has been received is a natural element in the philosophy and the heart of our Newplacement comcept.

We customise our process individually to suit the wishes and needs of the employee, who has been fired, in attempt to find a solution which will pave the way towards a new job.

A programme includes:

  • Career advice
  • Group programmes
  • Career programmes

100 extra days

We stay in touch with the employee during their first 100 days in their new job. Experience shows that the first 100 days of a new job are the most critical in terms of whether the employee will remain in the position. That is why we stay in touch with the employee in their new job and they have an opportunity for counselling and feedback during that period.

A short route to the labour market

Our consultants have extensive knowledge of many different business and are specialists in a variety of disciplines. As far as possible, we will match the employee with a consultant, who specialises in their particular area of work.

A strategic choice

Saying goodbye to people who has lost their job through a Newplacement Programme means that the company sends positive signals both to existing and future employees.

Hartmanns’ experience shows that making such an effort pays off, particularly in situations where the company is saying goodbye. Companies, who treat employees with dignity and decency are much more attractive as employers for new employees.

We work in stages during and after a dismissal and can participate in the company’s plannning and preparation for the actual dismissal.

A polite goodbye

The book A Polite Goodbye offers advices and suggestions how to handle dismissals as successfully as possible for everyone involved: from the management board, leaders and the employees losing their jobs to the employees who stay in their positions.

You can order the book from and receive one hour’s counselling.


The quality of a Newplacement programme is based entirely on the candidate’s experience of the process. The chemistry is essential for a positive Newplacement programme. We take great care in matching the candidate with the consultant, who will provide the person with the best counselling and coaching.

Mutual respect

Mutual respect is one of our four core values. And we take this very seriously. We deal with candidates on equal terms and with respect for her or his qualifications, wishes and background.

Assessment systems

In order to guarantee our clients and candidates a consistently high quality in the process, Hartmanns works with a highly structured assessment system.

At the end of a Newplacement programme the candidate will receive a web-based evaluation form, in which the candidate is requested to assess the consultant, the process and the content on a benchmark scale. These assessments are regularly consolidated and form the base for the constant optimisation of our processes and skills.


Hartmanns conducts approx. 2000 Newplacement Programmes per year. 83% of those people, who participate in one of our Newplacement programmes, get new jobs within three months.

After each programme we conduct a quality measurement of satisfaction. This is measured on a scale of 1-6.
The result of candidate satisfaction is current 5,6 while the customers satistaction is 5,4.

Newplacement Programme

At Hartmanns we offer programmes which are customised to suit people’s requirements. The types of Newplacement programmes are as follows:

  • Individual programmes
  • Group programmes
  • Career programmes

Together with you we compose a Newplacement programme which suits your employees’ situations, wishes and needs.
For example, some employees are more in need of counselling and guidance, whilst others need to focus more on the job search. This means that two programmes are seldom the same. Programmes can vary a great deal in terms of the number of sessions and hours.

It is up to you whether the Newplacement programme takes place in our premises or in your company’s premises.

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Every stage of the process helps your employees to form a clearer image of themselves, their skills and their areas of development. At the same time the employee acquires a number of methods and tools which can also be used in other contexts.

Support and guidance - after the course as well

At Hartmanns we keep in touch with employees, even after they get a new job. We have an unlimited hotline throughout the programme and stay in touch with the employee during their first 100 days in their new job.

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