At Hartmanns specialists recruit specialists.


Hartmanns’ consultants have a background in the areas they recruit for. That means for example that engineers recruit engineers. We recruit at all levels for all kind of jobs in both the private and public sector. We assist companies via complete or partial recruitment processes, including the preparation of job analyses, requirement profiles, job adverts, interviews and obtaining references. We recruit people for all kind of jobs, including: permanent positions, project placements, Try & Hire and freelance positions.

Hartmanns has an extensive network of candidates. We have our own talent pool and thanks to our thoroughly tried and tested multi-channel strategy, we attract the very best candidates.

Our areas of work include

  •  Administration & Finance
  •  IT & Telecom
  • Technology & Pharmaceuticals
  • Sales & Marketing

Consultant expertise

Do you need a new employee, but think that it is too time-consuming and difficult to find the right person with the precise profile you are looking for? Let Hartmanns do the job on your behalf. We will find you the “Best candidate for the Job”.

Professional discussion and feedback from specialists

Hartmanns creates results by using consultants with experience in various sectors. Our consultants are highly qualified specialists, within your line of business. Their knowledge and insight provide you with security and peace of mind for thoroughly professional discussion.

This also makes a positive and professional impression on candidates, thus strengthening your company’s reputation.

Our focus is not only on the goal, but on the entire process

The most important thing is that you end up with at the correct candidate. But Hartmanns' focus is not only on the goal. The process of getting there is equally as important to us.

When you choose Hartmanns as a business partner you purchase a concept which involves clearly defined and well-tested recruitment processes and agreed timetables. This gives you peace of mind and clarity throughout the entire process. No surprises.

The process

Our recruitment is always methodical and rigorous

We regard recruitment as a collaborative process between you and us. Recruitment can be compared to a project involving a preliminary analysis and specification of requirements. Our in-depth questions challenge you on a high professional level.

Our experience shows that solid preliminary work is the basis for a successful experience for both you and potential candidates.

A substantial basis for recruitment

Hartmanns has an extensive network of candidates. We have our own talent pool and thanks to our thoroughly tried and tested and highly efficient advertising channels, we attract the very best candidates. We always use a multi-channel strategy.

Same consultant for the entire process

We know that you obtain the best results, when a single consultant takes care of the entire process. This guarantees that the consultant has in-depth knowledge of the entire field of candidates and of each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. You are also guaranteed serious, goal-oriented advice, when it comes to choosing the final candidate.

We find the best candidate every time

We will keep our promise and find you the best candidate every time. This is thanks to a well-documented calibration process in the recruitment process which is elaborated embeded internally at Hartmanns. A typical recruitment involves the following stages:

  • An initial meeting, in which we define the job together with the client
  • A written order confirmation
  • Creation of job description and advertisement
  • Search and advertising
  • Sorting of candidates for the first interview
  • Interviews
  • Hartmanns recommend selected candidates
  • Agreements for times of interviews
  • Interview in the client’s offices
  • Final decision and writing of contract
  • Follow-up after approx. three months in the job

Regular quality control through evaluation

In order to guarantee our clients and candidates a consistently high quality in the process, Hartmanns work with highly structured evaluation systems.

We provide you with clear-cut guidelines for your next recruitment and can document everything. Via our web evaluation system we ask both candidates and clients about their satisfaction. Quality measurements ensure transparency and provide us with a basis for the constant optimisation and development of our expertise.

We regularly consolidate these evaluations and use them as the basis for the constant optimisation of our processes and skills.

Your commitment - Our responsibility

Hartmanns is a reliable and honest business partner. We will do everything it takes to arrive at mutual expectations for collaboration and results. We take responsibility, but we need your commitment to create mutual success and avoid misunderstandings and disappointments.

Executive director recruitment

What do you consider as a good leader?

We often ask our candidates this question, and never has two answers been the same. This shows just how many demands a leader can have in various companies and situations.

When Hartmanns is running a recruitment process at management level, we aim to present 2-4 highly qualified candidates to a single management position.

Discretion is a matter of course

Appointing managers frequently demands a high degree of discretion. This applies both to candidates and companies.

Management recruitment is more demanding than regular specialist recruitment. Both the company and the candidate must be analysed according to several parameters.

Your inquiry is safe with Hartmanns

We guarantee to handle your inquiry professionally with discretion.

Specialist Recruitment

What kind of people du your organization need right now?

Hartmanns has helped many companies to find the right employees. We create results by using consultants with experience in various sectors.

All our consultants are highly qualified experts whithin your line of business. Their knowledge and insight provide you with security and peace of mind for professional discussion.

For example, an engineer understands best what kind of skills and job requirements another engineer has. Similarly, a consultant with IT technical background can come up with exactly the right technical profile for a job in the IT sector.


Value to our clients

Hartmanns' consultants with her or his experience in the sector, detects those small, vital details which other consultants would not notice. We have made this principle part of our formula, this creates value for our clients. Hartmanns recruits at all levels for all kind of jobs in the private and public sector.

If you are missing something, we constantly take special tasks on board. Please contact us for more information about special tasks which we have successfully will solve.

What our business partners say

Hartmanns find the right candidates

“We had an urgent task just before Christmas last year, when we needed to hire an employee. A Hartmanns consultant sorted out the issue with a smile.

In the course of three days, we were presented with three different candidates. They were all so good that we found t difficult to make a choice. So we appointed one and employed the other on a temporary basis, which later led to a full-time permanent position. We employed the third candidate on a longer-term temporary basis.”

The professional business partner

“During peak periods it was crucial for us to seek help with recruitments. It was a great help to delegate recruitment responsibilities to a professional business partner, who could take care of the task.

Hartmanns found us some employees, with whom we are delighted.”

Good, personal contact

“Hartmanns treat all people with the same equal-handed professionalism. I had a visit from two of Hartmann’s consultants, and they were brilliant at asking questions and creating trust. Afterwards, I experienced excellent follow-up, and I got a quick response.”

 Charlotte Weithaler. HR-manager. Riis Retail


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