Hartmanns can provide flexible manpower from one day to day.


Our 13 offices find temps for companies and organizations throughout the entire country. Temp positions can be anything from day-to-day temp positions, long-term temp placements to cover sickness and parental leave, project appointments or “Try & Hire”.

When you use temps from Hartmanns, it is us who employ the temp, thus taking care of salary and all social obligations, including holiday pay, ATP (the Danish labour market supplementary pension), sick pay etc.

You are only paying for the actual working hours, while we deal with all the administration. You have the option to hire the temporary employee totally free of charge after three months of temporary employment.

We mainly help our customers find temps in the areas of:

  • Administration, customer service and call centres
  • Finance
  • Warehouse and manufacturing
  • Canteen and kitchen
  • IT and pharmaceutical

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We will find you your temp

Using flexible manpower is becoming increasingly popular. Every business wants a consistently high level of production, regardless of factors such as sickness, holidays or parental leave. It is possible to hire highly competent people on temporary terms, so your company can maintain the daily operation you want.

People are different and companies are different. There is not two temporary solutions that are the same. In cooperation with you, Hartmanns customise the solution you require.

We always meet the temps before hiring them. Similarly, we always visit the company to get an idea of the workplace and, if possible, meet the people working there.

We keep in regular contact with both the temps and the companies to make sure that expectations are being met. Finally, we measure and evaluate the quality of each individual solution, so we constantly can improve and provide the very best solution every single time.

Specialist temps - Interim

Hartmanns supplies specialist temps in the following areas:

  • Technology & Pharmaceuticals
  • IT & Telecom
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Administration & Finance
  • Warehouse and Manufacturing

Recruitment of specialist temps is handled by a recruitment consultant with experience in the relevant specialist area. That is how we guarantee the best understanding and procurement of the necessary skills.

Project positions

An increasing numbers of candidates are interested in project positions rather than workplaces. Multiple candidates alternate between part-time work, full-time work, overtime, working abroad etc. This means that they also have increasingly shorter periods of employment.

This applies at all levels: from project managers, engineers over electricians to receptionists and fitters.

Hartmanns deals with both traditional recruitment and the setting up of project positoins. We get hold of flexible manpower at all levels.

In the case of an interim or project positions Hartmanns is the employer. Hartmanns takes care of all obligations related to the employee, including holiday pay, ATP (the Danish labour market supplementary pension) and sick pay etc.

What our business partners Say

Hartmanns finds the best people for the job.

“Hartmanns are a very proactive and reliable business partner, who always provide quality. When SSG book temps, we always ensure that candidates have been through a screening to guarantee the appropriate standard. Hartmann have provided highly skilled and competent substitutes.

Hartmanns are clearly a very strong business partner, who are willing to deal with our challenges and not afraid to try out new solutions, which results in a more efficient working day for SSG.

The professional staff do their utmost to provide the best candidates for the job. Hartmanns provide excellent service and lots of quality.”

Tina Vikke. HR Manager. SSG


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