Choose the Assessment Center

Assessment ensures high quality decisions and is proved to be the safest method for predicting whether the candidate will have success in the job.

The Assessment Center procedure can be chosen as a stand-alone – or as a part of the recruitment process

Our Assessment Center is characterized by specific procedures. It can be described as a combination of tests and cases, that will together with the CV, references and interviews, identify personality traits, abilities, competencies and behaviours that might be ideal for the job. The Assessment Center develops tests in collaboration with you, so that they are relevant for the specific job opening.

By using the Assessment Center you will gain insight into the participants’ future performance and potential. By observing how the participant handles tasks, challenges and behaves in specific situations, you will be able to discover whether the candidate is the right match for the job.

The figure below is an example of a Assessment Center procedure:


Typical situations where you can apply Assessment Center procedures

  • A Second Opinion in relation to the assessment of candidates in your recruiting
  • Composition of teams
  • Mass recruitments where there is a need for effective and consistent assessments
  • 360 degree assessment of managers in recruitments or in current jobs
  • Opportunities for employee development
  • Identifying ideal profiles for your vacant positions

Practical solutions

We at Hartmann's are certified providers of multiple testing- and assessment solutions, which are chosen based on how well they match the specific jobs.
Among them are the following:        

  • Master Person Profil Analyse (MPA)
  • Master Kompetence Analyse (ACE)
  • OPQ
  • Saville
  • DISC
  • People Test Systems