Become a temp at Hartmanns, it rhymes with freedom

We find the temporary job that suits you

Being a temp in Hartmanns gives you freedom to choose, when you want to work.
To become a temp at Hartmanns you must sign up in our candidate database. Subsequently, you will receive a login, where you can maintain your profile, apply for jobs and much more.

You can read more about what it is like to be a temp under “Temp in Hartmanns”

Our temps are our ambassadors

Our are temps are our ambassadors in the companies.
We have continuous assessments with you about the temporary job, just as you are always free to contact your consultant in Hartmanns. It is important to us, that you thrive in your temporary jobs.

We have temporary jobs in all of Denmark and within many business sectors. We experience, that many of our temps are affiliated to us in several years and various temporary jobs.