Hartmanns’ Corporate Social Responsibility is all about diversity and social responsibility, and compliance with the principles of the United Nations’ Global Compact.
Statement of Global Compact 2018 Social Responsibility
Hartmanns’ core competency is creating positive change for organisations and people in the labour market. Our main impact on society is in the areas of people and the labour market, which is why our CSR work focuses on these particular issues.

The Global Compact principles, with which Hartmanns concur, involves the following 4 areas:

  • Human rights
  • Workers’ rights
  • Environment
  • Anti corruption

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MOT = Courage

Hartmanns support, and cooperate with the Norwegian/Danish voluntary organisation, MOT. We aim to support the work of the organisation by creating strong young people and safe environments for them, because prevention makes far more sense than cure. Hartmanns believe that there should be good, strong young people in the labour market and that everyone should be the boss of his or her own life. MOT develops and reinforces the self-confidence and courage of young people.

The values of MOT are:

COURAGE to live
COURAGE to care
COURAGE to say no

MOT logo CSR

The Best News in the World

Hartmanns are a partner in the ‘Best News in the World’ campaign, initiated by the UN, Danida and 90 different Danish development organisations. The concept involves spreading exciting news about the world: news that the media seldom cover. As a socially responsible company, we wish to help spread news about progress in developing countries.

Best News in the World