Culture is our strength

Culture is difficult to capture and describe. Culture is created and recreated every day. Nonetheless, in Hartmanns we see culture as one of our greatest strengths, because it flows out of our organisation, and, furthermore, enriches and includes customers, candidates, relations and business partners.

We invest in good relations, because we believe that relations are the cornerstone for trust, innovation and willingness to adapt, and are protecting us from stress and work pressure.

We believe that success is made from relations and not by individuals.

We are the open consultancy

That means, that we share our knowledge in informal and formal for a – like GO’ morning meetings, network, resource groups, white papers, blogs, articles etc. Our knowledge is not sinking into oblivion – it must evolve.

In Hartmanns there is life, smiles and competencies. The doors and the workplaces are open for customers, candidates and business partners, and we co-create the solutions for the future.

We are a platform, where the labour market’s different parties meet to casual knowledge sharing and sparring.

Diversity and social responsibility

Hartmanns emphasise importance to mirroring the labour market in which we operate. In other words, Hartmanns wish for diversity.

We think, that diversity creates more dynamic, more qualified processes and decisions.

Furthermore, our opinion is that diversity accelerates and development and innovation – which contributes to a better bottom line.

Therefore, Hartmanns is:

  • Divided in age from 18 to 70 year olds
  • Roughly equal shares of men and women on all levels of the organisation
  • Multicultural with employees from Poland, Morocco, Turkey etc.
  • Socially including with employees hired on different terms than ordinary
  • Educating employees on an ongoing basis

View of people

Our view of people is the basis of the choice of methodological and evidence-based groundwork we have chosen to work with. Therefore, the view of people has special attention in Hartmanns.

Our view of people is resource- and strength-based.

We work to bring to and promote already existing resources to people as well as organisations. We focus on what we are able to do instead of what we are not.

We work for the strengths to come into play as much as possible. Clear awareness of personal and organisational strengths gives the strongest possible groundwork for change and direction.

Theoretic methodological groundwork

Derived from our general view of people we build our methodological groundwork from the latest scientific research and tested theory within among others positive psychology, neuropsychology, as well as cognitive theory and methodology.

You can expect

  • To be met with a positive view of people
  • To be met by consultants, working to promote resources and strengths instead of the opposite
  • That we evaluate, analyse, advise, inspire, support, assess – but never judge