Exit Strategy

“We hire, fire, reorganise and outsource more than ever before”

- Steen Hildebrandt, Associate Professor, Aarhus University

The extent and speed of change means that, much more than before, we need to consider actively not only how to attract new staff, but also how to lay off staff gracefully.

We recommend any organisation to describe explicitly its general exit strategy and its attitude to letting employees go with grace.

  • It provides security for employees
  • It reinforces the psychological contract between organisation and employee
  • It increases the likelihood of attracting former employees and employees’ networks again
  • It improves the company image and employer branding
  • It is a good idea to incorporate it into an employment contract

Hartmanns provide advice on exit strategies:

  • The formulation of an explicit exit policy and attitudes in accordance with the company’s strategy and values
  • The devising of exit programmes for various staff/management groups
  • Exit strategies for both permanent and temporary employees
  • Exit strategies for both voluntary redundancies and lay-offs
  • Communication and processes