A flexible job will pave the way for new opportunities in the labour market.

Together we will discover options to suit your needs.

Hartmanns have extensive experience of counselling employees in flexible jobs. We know that results come from close collaboration between you, your Hartmanns’ consultant and your caseworker and, in the long term, your future employer.

At all times we will inspire, counsel and challenge you on the basis of respect for your professional competency, social capital and your need for light/limited duties.

Hartmanns’ priority is job placement. We have extensive experience in advising and informing companies and organisations about the many advantages and the flexibility involved in incorporating flexible employees into their workforce. Hartmanns have a huge corporate network, which enables us to present you with potential jobs. A potential job will usually start with a period of internship. We know how effective this is, and many of our candidates land a job after an internship.


Most often job openings begin with a practice period. We know that it works, and many of our candidates are hired after a practice period.

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