We advise and support you in the next stage in your career.

Our sole aim in inspiring, advising and challenging you is to pave the way towards your next job. You have a high level of professional competency and possess great potential and strengths. We will help you cultivate them through a variety of workshops, talks, one-to-one counselling and networks.

Examples of activities:

  • Workshops tackling the job market and job-hunting
  • Talks about opportunities in the current job market both in Denmark and abroad
  • Networks and SoMe as tools for job-hunting
  • Individual coaching and counselling

We base our approach on you. The content of the programmes is dynamic, so you will be introduced to the latest knowledge about the labour market.


Maria, July 2017

"I’ve just completed my 3-week programme with you. Here’s my assessment :-)

I think it was an amazing programme, and I’m actually sad that it’s over; because it’s the most expert assistance I’ve ever received. As you can probably see in your system, I became unemployed in October 2016. I attended a number of workshops organised by my unemployment insurance fund, but I don’t think they provided me with anything useful. During the few hours I spent with you, I became much better equipped and regained my faith and self-confidence.

If I were to offer a little (constructive) criticism, I would’ve liked the subject of unsolicited job-hunting also to be part of the mandatory 15-hour programme, because it’s an excellent way to make progress. Maybe it could also have been moved to the start of the programme, so there would have been an opportunity to work on applications, while we were ‘in your care’ :-)

Otherwise, I can only say thank you SO MUCH for an excellent programme. You are all so sweet and skilled :-) I hope, and yet don’t hope, that we meet again. But in any case I am delighted to have the option of using you as sounding boards if/when I get stuck with my job-hunting."

Rune, July 2017

"Thank you for an excellently organised 3-week course, which provided me with professional discussion and feedback in different aspects of job-hunting.
I acquired countless tools for working on unsolicited job applications, so I’ve already made a start. For instance, during my Hartmanns programme I made unsolicited contact with Rambøll via email and I’ve now started a dialogue.

Through exercises and workshops, I worked on areas such as identifying my professional and personal competencies and reading the small print in job advertisements. The course concluded with a really thorough review of how to handle a job interview. All this has helped me improve my approach to job-hunting, and I’ve become better at prioritising the most relevant issues in my applications."