Outplacement - Group programmes

We customise programmes for groups.

Group programmes are usually implemented in the context of major rounds of lay-offs, when groups of employees in particular will benefit from group sessions, training and learning for coping and inspiration.We devise the group programmes together with you in relation to the needs of your organisation and staff. The programmes are composed of modules, workshops and lectures that are relevant to the specific group of employees.

The topics include

  • The current job market
  • Jobs via networking
  • Jobs via social media
  • Applications and CVs
  • Job interview coaching
  • Tests and personal profile analyses

Individual programmes can also be supplemented with workshops, networks and group activities

We also recommend supplementing programmes with group workshops and relevant networks.

The joint experiences of coping, discussion, feedback and mirroring result in employees’ greater acceptance of their own situation and support their progress on the road to a new job.