The process is important

Any successful recruitment depends on a good start-up – and the right consultant match

Any recruitment initiates with a meeting with you as a customer and relevant persons from your organization. The meeting contains a job analysis, and reconcile profile, process, methods and timetable.
We match the right consultant for the task, so that the consultant has experience from the industry and match the level of the position.

Our characteristics are a strong management of the process and the concept

That means, for you as a customer, that Hartmanns works to stringent standards and documented processes, which we annually carry out audits on.
We have refined a detailed description for every single process step, including critical success factors, during the past 20 years.

Below here is the overall process, which describes the 6 phases in a successful task:

Rekrutterings proces


The 6 above-mentioned phases will be more detailed in a documented recruiting process, which is described in details through 31 steps. For every step content, tools, IT, success criterions, Internal Service Level Agreement, time spent and timetable is described. Every consultant is trained and certified in this process by hiring and on a continuous basis.

Strong standards result in agility

Strong standards incorporated in the processes mean, that we can create qualified and tailored solutions for you as a customer.