HumanConsult powered by Hartmanns

HumanConsult is one of Denmark’s strongest professional HR-networks for people within HR and management.
We have existed since 2000 and we work every day to create the best framework for the country’s strongest professional network.

It is a network where managers and HR-professionals can find sparring, create relations and share experience with peers across industries.

Our contribution to your professionalism is to facilitate it, and simultaneously guarantee that you are updated with the newest knowledge and the most relevant meetings and education.

As a part of HumanConsult you will get several tools. There are many ways to use these.

ERFA-members meeting

Be inspired and obtain new knowledge. Participate in our ERFA-meetings with relevant presentations about HR-trends. Simultaneously you will have the possibility to talk with other HR professionals about the new impressions.

Network meeting – by HR to HR

Get a professional haven in a busy work day. Professional to guarantee you the inspiration, knowledge and solutions. A haven to create a confidential room for discussion of challenges with peers. The meetings are facilitated by a HR-consultant from Hartmanns.

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