Are you ill?

If you get ill, always call Hartmanns on +45 70 20 03 83.

The office’s opening hours are from 06:00 to 17:00, where you can get in contact with a consultant. Notice of illness must be reported by phone - never text message or e-mail.

Remember to call us - every day

It is important, that you call us every day of your period of illness, as we inform the company you work at, that you are ill.

You must report fit for work at the latest at 14:00 the day before you go back to work.
Hartmanns has the right to obtain a medical certificate from your doctor. Furthermore, Hartmanns will send you a solemn declaration, which you must sign and send back to us.

Compliance with the above mentioned rules is a requirement for getting paid a compensation for illness, if you are entitled according to below-mentioned.

Sickness benefit

You will be paid compensation for illness in accordance with existing statutes.

If you have been employed by Hartmanns in more than 8 coherent weeks and during this period have been employed in a minimum of 74 hours, you will be paid compensation for illness from Hartmanns.

If you have worked for less than 8 weeks, you will be paid compensation for illness from the municipality you live in if you are entitled.

Compliance of above-mentioned rule is the condition for getting paid compensation for illness from Hartmanns.

The manual for temporary workers – everything you need to know

In the Manual for temporary workers, you can read all you need to know about being a temporary worker at Hartmanns. Therefore, we hope you will take time to glance through it.

Download the manual here.