Hartmanns is your international partner

Today the labour market is global and talents are drawn to the metropolises around the world. When your organization enlarges its search field internationally, it opens the way for an even larger talent pool for your organization.
We assist our clients with recruitment to international companies as well as new establishments abroad.

Hartmanns recruits to and from 30 countries annually

With a well-developed international recruitment network and established partners on most continents, we help our clients with attraction, search and qualification of candidates nationally and internationally.
Our methods are international – and our assessment tools are applicable in most languages.

For some of our clients it is new and demanding to recruit to and from foreign countries. With local partners and Hartmann’s standards, you will feel secure during the process.

Nordic establishment

Hartmanns has its subsidiary company in Norway, which specializes in recruiting specialists, administrative candidates and managers. In addition, we have an extensive Nordic network through many years of recruitment activities in Sweden, Iceland and Greenland.

International partnerships

Hartmanns has qualified a string of international partners, whom we collaborate with in regards to international recruitments. For you as a client and candidate it means that you will feel secure during the process with Hartmann’s high standards and local and close partners.