Ready for job

At Hartmanns’ we organise programmes for job-ready unemployed individuals in Copenhagen and in many more of the country’s 98 municipalities. We have more than ten years of experience in supporting and guiding unemployed candidates in their job-hunting and career-planning.

Inspiring, challenging and advising with respect

In our interaction with candidates we aim to inspire, challenge and advise with respect for each candidate’s professional competency, potential and strengths. The objective of the programmes is always to pave the way for regular employment, in some cases using company internships and wage subsidy.

In our provisions for job-ready candidates our priorities are:

  • The current labour market

...and the opportunities it offers in terms of the varying demand for various professional profiles, the wide range of forms of employment and the hidden labour market.

  • Intensity when job-hunting

We believe in momentum, and we focus on the number of applications and the amount of contact with potential employers.

  • Professional and geographical mobility

We identify professional and geographic opportunities and focus on a broad spectrum of job searches.

  • Direct contact with companies

We regard direct contact with companies as a crucial element in the search process, aimed at both direct and indirect results.

  • Networks and SoMe as tools for job hunting

The labour market has become increasingly network-based. Given Hartmanns’ wide-ranging contact with the labour market, we are particularly well equipped to contribute networks and the use of social media, which are vital elements when job hunting.

The content of the programmes is dynamic, which means that participants are constantly introduced to current knowledge about the labour market.