Long-term temporary positions

Temporary workers can supply your organization with an enhancement in capacity, competencies and culture. Temporary workers are a kind of “knowledge nomads”, who collects experience and competencies from many organizations and supplies to new ones.

Longer temporary positions are often mentioned in the following situations:

  • Headcount stop
  • Periods of peak hours
  • Projects with the demand of special competencies
  • Vacation, illness and confinement
  • Forerunner of a permanent position: Try & Hire

Contact us for temporary workers and flexible solutions within:

  • Administration and finances
  • Warehause and production
  • Sales and marketing
  • IT and technology
  • Building and construction

Hartmanns finds the best for the job. Hartmanns is a very proactive and trustable collaborator that delivers quality. When SSG orders temporary workers, we are always certain, that the candidates have been through a screening that ensures the right standard. Hartmanns has delivered very skilful and competent temporary workers.
Hartmanns is certainly a very competent collaborator that is willing to solve our challenges and do not mind trying new solution models, which results in a more effective workday for SSG. The professional employees do their best to deliver the best candidates for the job. Hartmanns deliver a good service and plenty of quality.

- Tina Vikke, HR manager, SSG

Hartmanns is a serious collaborator. Hartmanns is our primary collaborator in the area of temporary staffing. They have a professional approach to the performance of tasks and do a great effort to find temporary workers in acute situations. Invoices from Hartmanns are simple and clear, and they have a low rate of errors in their invoices.
In short, Hartmanns is a serious collaborator, which contributes positively to our production planning.

- Michael Hellegård, Terminalchef SuperGros A/S