Management = Development!

If you have chosen to become a manager, you have automatically also chosen to develop, every day. As a manager, you have a significant amount of impact on your organization, and thus a special responsibility. Every 3rd minute, a new book on management is published around the world. That tells us how important, complex and vital management is to the success of people and organizations.

"Management" is perhaps one of the disciplines that have circumvented the largest changes in recent years.

How do you manage people, when they aren't attached to time or place? How do you manage the new generations on the labour market? How do you manage, when people don't want to be managed; but seek to be inspired, committed, dedicated and passionate? The future of leadership is uncertain, but we have some presumptions. Let us be your stepping stone.

Hartmanns offers management development within– or in extension of – our primary competencies:

  • Recruitment
  • Employee retention and Development
  • Liquidation & Dismissal of employees

We frequently help our customers with management development in the following situations:

  • Mass layoffs
  • Periods with high amount of growth and hiring, where the organization requires a strong identity and a clear direction
  • Cultural change
  • A shared management framework
  • When there is a need for strengthening the mental work environment

Hartmanns arranges "Management development" for teams and/or individually

Our management development course is customized in close collaboration with you as our customer. We value your views and listen to your needs.
Our experienced senior consultants and occupational psychologists are a part of the courses, that we offer at Hartmanns.

If you are a Manager striving towards sparring, coaching and development, you have come to the right place. We offer “5- and 10-trip clip cards”. If you are curious to know more, then leave your number and we will call you as soon as possible.