Mass Layoffs

Major rounds of lay-offs have major implications

Major rounds of lay-offs entail major costs: human costs for those people being laid off, for the management and for the staff continuing in the company. There are also costs for the organisation’s future image, finances and ability to attract talented staff in the future.

Our ambition is:

  • To strengthen the organisation throughout the process with an increased capacity for survival and competitiveness.
  • To strengthen the staff involved, and to support them through a tough period and on their road to a new job.
  • To help the remaining staff and managers achieve a new perspective and give them clarity and confidence as they move forward.


We help both private and public organisations to cope with major rounds of lay-offs. We have experience of up to 500 simultaneous lay-offs in the same location or several locations.

    Hartmanns provide help before, during and after

    Mass lay-offs require preparation, preparation and preparation.
    We provide advice and act as a sounding board in terms of planning, internal and external communication, negotiation with trade unions, management training etc.

    On the day of the lay-offs we are often at hand with psychological crisis response and debriefing of staff and management. Generally we help make the day as valuable as possible for everyone.

    We provide:

    • Information sessions for the people being laid off in the relevant locations. The information tackles both expected reactions and the situation they now face.
    • Specially organised Newplacement programmes for individuals or groups.
    • Project management.
    • Psychological hotline as required.
    • Management training in crisis management and debriefing.
    • Advice and activities to restore trust, working environment and progress in the organisation.