Payroll administration: The proper salary, on time

Payrolling is the perfect solution if you’ve found the right staff but want to outsource the administration.

Hartmanns deals with everything to do with payroll administration – from employment contracts, salaries, taxation, the Danish labour market supplementary pension fund (ATP), pensions, bonuses, and also non-working hours such as holidays, absence and sick leave.

When you use our payroll services, staff are employed via Hartmanns, which means that Hartmanns is responsible for the hiring and has full responsibility regarding their rights under Danish law.

You can rely on Hartmanns’ payroll consultants to be up to speed on, e.g. laws, regulations and collective agreements. It’s imperative for us that our consultants can provide a high level of expertise.

You have direct access to payroll experts who can answer employees’ questions. We ensure that our consultants are versatile and can assist with all manner of companies and collective agreements. This guarantees that your employees receive the correct pay on time, saving you time.

Payrolling is a great solution if you are an international company operating in Denmark, whether you are an established company or new to the Danish market.