Project employments

Project employees can supply your organization with an enhancement in capacity, competencies and culture. Project employees are a kind of “knowledge nomads”, who collects experience and competencies from many organizations and supplies to new ones.

Project employment utilized in the following situations:

  • At headcount stop
  • In projects with the need for special competencies
  • At implementation of changes, new systems and business processes
  • At restructuring
  • At interim tasks
  • At run-in of new machines, methods, clients etc.

Contact us for project employment solutions within:

  • Industry
  • Technical, Energy and environmental sector
  • Construction
  • IT
  • Pharma and Life Science
  • Warehouse and Logistics 
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Trade Unions 
  • The Public sector 

Time and Money

When you are considering project employment, then we define, in collaboration with you, your requirements and the department’s culture, so we can secure the best match between you and your temporary employee.

We will arrange the period, and you still have the flexibility to shorten or prolong the period. We will handle contract, registration of hours, salary, pension, education etc. It is hassle-free for you.

We source specialists in both Denmark and internationally.

The labour market of the future

The labour market is at present passing through a transformation, where we are moving from firm structures and hierarchies to agile, flexible and loose organizations. The gig economy is exploding, and labour is composed much more flexible on all levels. The lack of specialists result in a higher rate of our customers choosing flexible solutions to acquire the necessary specialist competencies.