We are not successful before you find us successful

Our success depends on our customers’ and candidates’ experience of high and consistent quality in collaboration and deliverance. It is our experience that the quality is best guaranteed through stringent documented standards supplied with the agility and adaption, which the individual person and organisation has the need for on the modern labour market.

Quality and satisfaction measurements

Hartmanns have since 2007 had quality and satisfaction measurements for both customers and candidates. The measurements help us secure a high quality level and continuity in development. Besides that, we offer adapted measurements of the individual customer.

Quality measurements are integrated in our ongoing dialogue with customers and in developing products, consultants and relations.
At the right side of this page is an example of a quality and satisfaction measurement


Theoretic methodological groundwork

Derived from our general view of people we build our methodological groundwork upon the latest scientific research and tested theory within, for example, positive psychology, neuropsychology, as well as cognitive theory and methodology.

Methods in practice

Our processes in all fields of businesses are described and documented from a “Best Practice”-philosophy.

The processes are calibrated and optimised on an ongoing basis of collected knowledge and experience. All consultants are trained and certified in processes and methods within their own field of competencies. This in particular guarantees you security in qualified processes founded in tested methods.

Management reporting

Furthermore, Hartmanns offer individually customised management reporting. This gives a high transparency in the collaboration, and secures our business partners an overview of our commitment. Hartmanns are used to work with both larger private and p