Receive advice, discussion and feedback for the next stage of your career.

We will do our best to inspire, advise and challenge you to activate your strengths and potential. We have been advising candidates for more than ten years and know that there are many paths to the labour market.

As we work on paving the way towards your next job we focus particularly on:

  • The current labour market and its demand for many different profiles and professional competencies. We also find that there is a ‘hidden’ labour market, once we start scanning the field for new opportunities.
  • Sustaining the pace when job-hunting. It is vital to keep up the pace when it comes to job applications.
  • Professional and geographical mobility.
  • Direct contact with companies is a crucial element in the job-hunting process.
  • Your network is a gold mine. That goes for your network on social media too. Make use of it when applying for jobs.

Hartmanns has an extensive company network, that enables us present you for possible job openings.

Most often with a practice period. We know that it works, and many of our candidates are hired after a practice period.