Specialists recruit specialists and managers recruit managers

During the past 20 years, Hartmanns has specialized in recruiting specialists and managers. This has resulted in a broad professional network and in depth industry knowledge.

Our concept

Specialists recruit specialists and managers recruit managers. We specialize in the following sectors:

  • Industry
  • Technical, Energy and environmental sector
  • Construction
  • IT
  • Pharma and Life Science
  • Warehouse and Logistics 
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Trade Unions 
  • The Public sector 


For you as a customer it means that you will be met by a consultant with plenty of experience, a vast network and knowledge about the exact role, which will be performed in accordance with your particular industry requirements and dynamics.


For candidates it means, that they will meet a “peer”, as a result of that they will be speaking their professional language while, simultaneously, sparring and even perhaps answering each others questions and in the end they will of course become a part of Hartmanns' network of specialists.

To recruit specialists and managers takes many good search channels

Therefore, we have built an extended search network through the past 20 years in the field of:

  • International cooperation partners
  • Extended network of partners in Denmark
  • Extended validated database of 60,000 candidates
  • High annual influx of candidates to Hartmanns: 30,000 meeting face-to-face
  • Extended industry- and sector-specific networks
  • Established collaborations with universities, educational institutions in general, labour unions and industry associations
  • Access to online CV portals, national and international

Flexibility and agility

To recruit the right talents, it takes extraordinary flexibility. We meet with candidates, when the candidate has time, no matter if it is Saturday evening or Monday morning. We provide technology, which makes it easy to “meet” across distance and borders.

We challenge you, as a customer, to have the same flexibility, when we recruit the next talent. We believe in an open and honest dialogue with customers as well as candidates. We function as representative for both parties and facilitator for the future constructive dialogue.