Relocation and Outsourcing

When an organisation relocates or outsources jobs or workplaces, it is a highly complex issue for both the organisation and its employees.

For many years Hartmanns have acted as a partner before, during and after the following types of processes:

  • Relocation of production, customer service or R & D abroad

Usually with the desire to retain staff throughout the process, the transfer of knowledge from Danish to foreign staff, and in “waves” over the course of 1-3 years.

  • Relocation of government jobs

Usually with the simultaneous offer to current staff to relocate jobs, the appointment of new employees and Newplacement courses for employees who choose not to move.

  • Outsourcing of jobs to external partner

Usually with the need for the transfer of knowledge from the staff being laid off to the staff of the external partner and possibly the transfer of selected staff to the new company.

    The broad perspective: full-service workforce planning

    The fact that our overall areas of expertise involve recruitment, retention, development and phasing out equips us to be an excellent full-service partner in relocation and outsourcing processes.

    In addition to specific assistance with lay-offs, outplacement and project management, along the way we provide an integrated solution that includes:

    • Management training in change processes along the way
    • Temps to cover staff who find new jobs ahead of time
    • Recruitment of new staff in the new workplace
    • Work on the mental working environment for maintaining motivation and production during the process