Registration - how to

Registration of hours, pay slip and holiday pay are not as difficult as it sounds

Our experienced salary specialists guarantees, that you get the right salary on time. Salary payment is on Fridays in even weeks and is calculated based on the keyed in registration of hours. The company, where the work is done, must approve the hours.

It is important that

  • You register and approve the number of hours you have worked as a temporary worker no later than Monday 8 o’clock the week after the job is done.
  • You do not approve your hours before the end of your last workday of the week in relation to the agreed work schedule of the week concerned.
  • Hour registration is approved each week, no matter the duration of the temporary job.
  • If you do not register your hours in time, the hours are transferred to the following salary payment.

As a temporary worker at Hartmanns you must register your hours online in our candidate web portal. It is simple and you can find the instructions her.



Your pay slip will be available in Candidate web, where you will find it at the latest on the date of payment for the pay period. 

The manual for temporary workers – everything you need to know

In the Temp Manual, you can read everything you need to know about being a temporary worker at Hartmanns. Therefore, we hope that you take your time to read it thoroughly. Download the English version.

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If you are not a temporary worker at Hartmanns, register here. We are looking forward to hear from you.