Search & Selection

The battle for talent intensifies and it is our ambition as a consultancy, to win it on behalf of our customers. Counting 30,000 annual meetings with candidates together with a large international network, you will choose one of the industry's safest partners for successful recruitment.

Any successful recruitment depends on a good start-up – and the right consultant match

Any recruitment initiates with a meeting between you as a customer and relevant persons from your organization, where we create a job analysis and tailor profile, process, methods and timetable.

We match the consultant to the task, ensuring that the consultant has experience from the given industry and match the standards of the position.

Our concept is: Specialists recruits specialists and managers recruit managers

We specialize in the following sectors:

  • IT and Technology
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Machine, Automation & Electronics
  • Sales & Services
  • HR

Why you should choose Hartmanns

  1. High professionalism and industry understanding – When specialists meet specialists and managers meet managers in the recruitment process.
  2. Full transparency and learning in the process – The recruitment process is well documented and quality-assured with full transparency on actions and arranged timetables.
  3. Broad market coverage for relevant candidates – Any recruitment process consists of both search and selection, where the market identifies and motivates applicable candidates to apply for the job.
  4. You will improve in the process – In close collaboration, we will transfer knowledge to you.
  5. You will get more ambassadors – Hartmanns attach importance to being your right-hand man and mirror. All candidates shall have a good experience in the process, and strengthen your employer brand.