Sustainable Work Life

Let's start talking about the "sustainable work life" in stead of "work-life-balance" since "work" and "life" is not each others counterpart. So how do you get job satisfaction and wellbeing?

Job satisfaction and Wellbeing

Hartmanns designs programs for job satisfaction and wellbeing with the purpose of creating a sustainable work life for all employees. Our programs are divided in levels on organisational, managerial, department and individual level. These programs help you prevent stress and stress disorders and (re)build human and social energy. We take measures before and after, so you can assess the effect of your effort. The programs typically spread over longer periods and contain both mental, physical and social efforts.

“Reality effects” and Empowerment

We differentiate ourselves by insisting that “reality effects” and empowerment of the organisation bring about change, also after we leave.
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