Tailored Solutions

Sometimes we have to ”Recruit” – Sometimes we have to ”NEW-cruit”

Meaning that we contribute to rethinking your recruiting, your organization or your employer branding. We turn the recruitment process upside down, and rethink initiatives, pace and time for creating results for you.

Agility and rethinking

The labour market today demands agility and rethinking. Not least in the attraction of talents and recruitment processes. Hartmanns has specific experience and competencies in rethinking, developing and adjust recruitment processes at speed, which creates unusual results for you as a customer.


We enter into your recruitment process and value chain

At several of our customers, we are a part of the customers own process – either as a competence or as a resource. For example with:

  • Introductory screening of candidates and preparation of assessment material
  • Assessment Center
  • Advising and guidance on profile, process and method
  • Outsourcing and insourcing
  • Inpatriation of consultants at your organization

Examples of special tasks

  • Execution of the first interview with several hundred candidates for larger public organizations
  • Execution of Assessment Center on 150 candidates for larger private organisations
  • Recruitment of 15 different profiles for an outsourced solution between two companies within three weeks.
  • Mass recruitment with a defined concept and testing package