Freedom and flexibility – you decide when, where and how much you want to work

Most temporary workers have great work experience, and have chosen to take control of their job-life. Other temporary workers are getting their first work experience.

Temporary workers enjoy the benefits of flexible work hours and self-imposed varying challenges. Several have said goodbye to permanent employment to get more freedom. Others choose to be a temporary worker in a period between jobs, or before start of study.

You are an important part of the companies’ success

Today many companies have temporary workers as a permanent part of their daily staffing to achieve higher flexibility in relation to e.g. seasonal work.

We arrange work to more than 14,000 temporary jobs annually. We compose temporary jobs based on your needs, wishes and qualifications. Your employer is Hartmanns and we ensure that you receive your salary, holiday pay, Danish labour market supplementary pension etc. – in time.

As a member of the Federation of Staffing Agencies in Denmark, naturally we working conditions under control, and we always follow existing agreements and legislation. In other words, you are in safe hands.

What do a temporary worker do?

Every day you meet our temporary workers at reception desks, finance and HR departments, stores, behind the wheel, in the phone, in a storehouse or in the production at a large part of Danish companies and organizations.

Read our Temp Manuel here.



We do not do discrimination

We assess our candidates equally no matter their age, gender, ethnic origin, social relations or political views etc.


We are eager to elaborate what it means to be a temporary worker at Hartmanns. All you have to do is register in our database, and then one of our local consultants will contact you.

Are you studying?

A growing number of young students becomes temporary workers to test different business sectors and job types. As a student, a temporary job can be a great alternative to the classic student job and a good supplement to make something on the side during holidays.