Nationwide and close by

You will get a nationwide partner with offices in all parts of Denmark. We value closeness.

With more than 14,000 successful temporary positions annually – of which many are occupied on day-to-day basis – Hartmanns is one of the largest and most established temping agencies in Denmark.

From our offices around Denmark, we deliver flexible temping solutions, adapted to your exact needs – no matter if you are in need of a specialist for a year, a receptionist for a week or a larger day-to-day staffing solution for your production a warehouse.

You will get qualified, stable and cheerful temporary workers

Hartmanns’ experienced consultants have interviewed and qualified our temporary workers.

You will get stable temporary workers, who will do an extra effort. We have close contact with our temporary workers and ensure their development, well-being and education.

With 60,000 candidates in our database, we offer you flexible temporary job solutions – no matter if you want:

  • Specialists in projects
  • Short-term or long-term administrative temporary staff
  • Skilled labour for building, construction and industry
  • Larger staffing options from day to day in your production or your stock

You will get certainty of delivery and readiness

With our validated candidate database with more than 60,000 candidates and 30,000 annual meetings with candidates face-to-face, you will get security of delivery and readiness hour by hour.

You will get a hassle-free collaboration

We handle more than 600 agreements and workplace agreements – almost faultless. Even though the salary area is complex, we guarantee you a hassle-free collaboration. You pay for the actual working hours – we handle the rest.

You will get a collaboration with an authorized temp agency

Hartmanns is a member of The Federation of Staffing Agencies in Denmark (Vikarbureauernes Brancheforening), which requires an annual authorization in relation to observance of agreements, legislation and payments of social costs.

As an authorized temping agency via The Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv) and The Federation of Staffing Agencies in Denmark, you can feel safe that Hartmanns will live up to legislation and agreements.

You will get perspective and tailored solutions

The pace in changes means, that companies get the need for rethought and agile organizational structures.

This heightens the demand for flexible staffing options and a partner, which not “only” is a temping agency, but also pulls a broader perspective and more competencies. Some call it “strategic-workforce-planning”.

Contact us for a conversation about solutions in a broader perspective, and get a compound of your optimal workforce in the short term and long term.

Hartmanns is a member of Vikarbureauernes Brancheforening (Danish Temp Industry association) Read more about them here.

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