Try & Hire a way to ”try” a new employee in a period of time as a temporary worker before a permanent employment.

This can be in relation to:

  • If you are unsure about the composition of your team
  • You have experienced hiring the wrong person for the job
  • You are uncertain if the job is permanent
  • It is a newly established job, where you are considering the competence requirements
  • You already have a good temporary worker, whom you would like to hire permanently

Contact us for the possibilities of Try & Hire solutions within:

  • Industry
  • Technical, Energy and environmental sector
  • Construction
  • IT
  • Pharma and Life Science
  • Warehouse and Logistics 
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Trade Unions 
  • The Public sector 


We attach importance to you and our temporary workers

Therefore, when you consider a Try & Hire solution, we will define your needs and the culture of the department together, so we secure the best match with your future temporary worker. We know our temporary workers. They are qualified through conversations, references and experience from former employments.

Our temps are happy

Just a 100% thumbs up to Frank (Consultant at Hartmanns red.). Not many times you meet people that are as willing as he, to assist you and help in any way that they can.