Off Work Owing to Illness

We believe that the fastest way towards a fitness-for-duty certificate involves contact with the labour market.

Hartmanns’ offer diverse courses aimed at candidates on sickness benefit in municipalities throughout the country.
This includes courses where there is need for early action and courses for individuals who have been off work sick for a long time: for example, job clarification courses.

Individual adaptation

We can adapt our efforts to suit the individual needs of each candidate. We work with persistence and focus to initiate measures that lead to candidates regaining their health and returning to work.


Programmes can include:

Getting out into the labour market

An internship is a means of experiencing competency, autonomy and a sense of community. Connection with the labour market supports progression towards a fit-for-duty certificate, if necessary alongside the professional health care, which a candidate is receiving elsewhere.

Mastery programmes

Based on internationally acknowledged understanding of, and approaches to mastery, we apply strategies and tools, which help candidates to cope with everyday life and achieve a good working life.
The programmes include coping with anxiety and depression etc.

Coaching and counselling

Based on the strength-based approach, coaching and counselling consists of individual sessions aimed at developing and maintaining direction and the goal of returning to work.

Labour market-oriented physiotherapeutic training and pool training.

The focus is on strengthening musculature and its capability for work. We also find that the training helps build up candidates’ belief in their own capabilities and ability to cope, and reduces their stress level.

Discussions with a psychologist

The priority is to meet the candidate on his/her own terms and to use the discussion process to find resources and reduce barriers in terms of returning to work.


Applying theory and practice, the aim is to help candidates achieve insight and methods for self-regulation, guiding them towards a renewed working life.