Facing work environment issues?

Hartmanns implement several types of work assessment-investigations. Including qualitative and/or quantitative mappings.

We offer several methods:

  • Questionnaires
  • Dialogue-based methods
  • Interview and joint mapping

In collaboration we design a mapping model that lives up to existing legislation and simultaneously include action plans and perspectives for job satisfaction and further work with the work environment.

The Work Environment Game

Even though it can sound a bit strange to talk about a "game" when working with the environment at your workplace, our experience is that it can be a good way to initiate the dialogue and process.

“Flip the Work Environment” game...

...is a dialogue-based tool to mapping of mental work environment and improvement of job satisfaction in groups or departments. The Work Environment Game lives up to the work assessment legislation and is playable by departments of up to 10 participants.

ATV arbejdsmiljø spillet work environment game