Exit-strategy and outplacement demands knowledge and emathy

With the right mindset and knowledge you can change a lay-off in to a success for both you and your employee. You just need the right tools.

To move on

In the context of lay-offs, you can provide the employees being laid off and/or the remaining staff with workshops and lectures to support employees and managers to move on and progress.

We organise workshops and lectures to suit the individual group with relevant themes and training.

The workshops and lectures cover such topics as:

  • The current job market for specific target groups
  • Tests and personal profile analyses
  • The value of networking when job-hunting
  • Job-hunting on social media
  • CVs and letters of application
  • Interview coaching
  • Training managers to conduct a lay-off discussion
  • Training managers in crisis communication
  • The importance of relationships for the culture

Individual outplacement programmes can be supplemented with workshops, networks and lectures

We recommend supplementing individual programmes with workshops and relevant networks. The joint experiences of coping, discussion, feedback and mirroring result in employees’ greater acceptance of their own situation and support their progress on the road to a new job.

The advantages of supplementing individual programmes with group activities include:

As a person who has been laid off you need to maintain a number of social relationships. When you get laid off, you lose not only your job, but also your social affiliation with a group and part of your day-to-day social inspiration.

Research proves that group work promotes learning and expands one’s repertoire of actions and thoughts.
Motivation and continued momentum in job hunting are furthered by the mutual sharing of knowledge, and discussion and feedback.